TUBI Ferrari Exhaust System – Best Ways To Increase Horsepower

The exhaust system is one of the components of the vehicle, which motorists are paying the least attention. Usually, begin to think of the muffler when the sound becomes "sports," and the car starts to seem like a bass drum or a herd of horses.When the sounds begin to reach levels of the Formula 1, we run to the store for spare parts and frantically looking for a free car wash.

In practice, the exhaust system is one of the most active parts of the vehicle, working in extreme conditions - high-temperature amplitudes of higher vibrations, internal and external corrosion, and attacks by stones, dirt, water, and alkali in the winter.

In modern cars muffler is not just a "pot," and performs some essential functions:

  • It minimizes engine noise.
  • It reduces harmful levels of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and unburned hydrocarbons.
  • It directs exhaust gases bypassing the passenger compartment;
  • Optimizes engine performance by providing a continuous and even flow of exhaust gases from the engine.

On vehicles with a front engine, exhaust system extends over its entire length, and contains the following key components:

  • Collector - usually made of cast metal and directs the hot exhaust gases from the cylinders of the engine in the pipe.
  • Exhaust Pipe - It carries the gases and vapors from the reservoir to the other components of the exhaust system.
  • Catalytic Converter - converts harmful gases produced by the engine into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor. This is an important system in the car.
  • Mufflers - Their main function is to reduce the sound to a normal level. They provide the correct flow of exhaust gases through the exhaust system without limiting the dynamic characteristics of the engine:
  • Rear Pipe - is used for removal of exhaust gases away from the passenger compartment, prevents the entrance of gas into the passenger area.

Environmental tests clearly show that the damage to the exhaust system increases two to three times the emission levels from the engine. Malfunction of the exhaust system can reduce the engine power and performance. If the exhaust system doesn't check on a regular basis, there's a risk of damage in the most unexpected moment.

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Tips On How To Extend The Maximum Life Of Exhaust System

Avoid short journeys - at low temperature, condensation occurs water vapor on the internal components of the system. Water reacts with some compounds present in the exhaust gas. It forms an acid and causes severe corrosion, significantly reducing the lifetime of the exhaust system.

Avoid driving in difficult road conditions - sand, mud, stones, salt water on the road surface, all of which can cause damage to the exhaust system. If hot parts of the system go into the water or touch the snow, there will be fast shrinking, weakening the welds and components seals.

Qualified Service and good quality parts - When repairing choose high-quality spare parts and qualified service. This can ensure that the exhaust system would last for a long time. So as to avoid problems in operation, installation is performed correctly and use the right tools to meet the required mileage.

Regular maintenance reduces the possibility of expensive damage to your car while maintaining its performance, safety and reliability.

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