Three Main Parts Of Your Car’s Cooling System

Let me clarify the types of vehicles sold at government auctions. The government maintains thousands of auto leases for their employees. When those leases expire, the cars are sold. Keep in mind that the majority of these employees aren’t DEA agents chasing hardened drug runners. Often, they’re IRS agents, contractors, or other “low key” personnel. Also, the IRS routinely seizes property from people who owe back taxes. At some point, that property is placed on the block. And usually, they’re not riddled with bullet holes.

Estate Sales

Think of these auctions as upscale garage sales. Typically, someone has passed away and their assets are being sold to the highest bidder. The advantage is that most people will never hear about them, reducing the number of competitive bids. The drawback is that most estate sales won’t have large car inventories (after all, who actually needs 100 vehicles?). So, you’ll have one or two chances to snag a potentially attractive deal.

eBay, Yahoo!, And More

eBay changed the automotive landscape. When eBay Motors was launched, purchasing a car online was still a novelty. Today, thousands of people visit eBay, Yahoo!, and other online auctions to find dependable used vehicles at an attractive price. One of the most significant advantages of using these online marketplaces is being able to do so from the comfort of your living room. Once you win the bid, you can even arrange to have your new vehicle shipped directly to your doorstep

It’s easy to become so immersed into your daily life that cleaning the inside of your vehicle is demoted lower and lower on your “to do” list. Eventually, the dirt, debris, and grime (not to mention a few fast food wrappers) accumulate to the point that your friends refuse to get in. Fortunately, detailing your car’s interior is simple with a little preparation.

This article will give you an easy-to-follow blueprint for making the inside of your vehicle look practically new. Whether you’re cleaning it for personal satisfaction or because you’re planning to sell it, the following 3 steps will put a new shine on the interior.

Step 1: Remove The Junk

You might be surprised by the items which are stuck into the nooks and crannies of your vehicle. This is especially true if you have young children. Besides your own shopping receipts, wrappers, and errant paperwork, you’ll discover toys and trinkets buried under your car seats.

Take everything out. Depending on the disarray, you may even want to wear gloves. After all, if you find food that has been driven into the carpet, you’ll want to protect your hands. Plus, while you’re digging around in the dark crevices, you may have to deal with paper cuts and other annoyances.

Step 2: Get Out The Vacuum

Once you’ve removed the junk from your car’s interior, it’s time to let your vacuum do its job. Put one of the brush attachments on the nozzle so you can break loose some of the debris. Just like washing the exterior, start high and work down. Begin on the surface of the dash before moving down to the gauges. And don’t forget the panels of the doors before vacuuming the seats. Finally, remove the floor mats before turning your vacuum onto the carpet.

When you’ve finished vacuuming, use a damp cloth to wipe the dash, console, steering wheel, and doors. Chances are, the vacuum will have kicked up a bit of dust.