Preowned Porsche Panamera Fort Lauderdale Buying Guide

Porsche never fails to surprise their clients. Over the years they continue to build cars which are better than ever. They introduce car models which surpass all expectations and have no limits in terms of innovation. If you are looking for a perfectly spacious and comfortable used car to own, buy Preowned Porsche Panamera Fort Lauderdale and you will surely not regret making Porsche as the car of your choice.

Porsche Panamera is a rear-wheel drive vehicle, which was created to fill up the gap between a sports car and a utility vehicle. It is actually the company's fourth model series. When it comes to luxury and high-tech features, it can definitely compete with the rest of the Porsche vehicles.

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Specification of Porsche Panamera Fort Lauderdale

Space And Capacity

It is 76 inches in width, 55.8 inches in height and 195.7 in length. This is actually a wider sedan that can provide enough space for four passengers and a separate space for luggage. Passengers will surely enjoy the comfort in both front and back seats. It is much bigger compared to the other Porsche vehicles which have made it a bit unique from the rest of the models. However, it still carries the key characteristics of every Porsche vehicle having round headlamps, large front air intakes similar to that of Porsche 911 Turbo, a tailgate which is wide and sporty, and a four-light boomerang greenhouse. 911 Turbo, a tailgate which is wide and sporty, and a four-light boomerang greenhouse.

Models And Performance

There can be three models that you can choose from namely;

  • Panamera S using 4.8-liter V-8 engine with 400 horsepower all-wheel-drive.
  • Panamera 4S using 4.8-liter V-8 engine with 405 horsepower and all-wheel-drive
  • Panamera Turbo using 4.8-liter V-8 engine with 500 horsepower.

The car has an incredible acceleration ranging from 0 - 62mph in 4.2 seconds. And most importantly, the car was designed to be fuel efficient which most buyers usually look for a car.  For more read check this article: Lease Porsche Panamera Fort Lauderdale

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Other Features

  • Porsche Panamera was created as inspired by the client’s need for a daily driven yet stylish and elegant vehicle.
  • The exterior has an anti-theft wheel device, full underbody paneling, water repellant coating on the front window, versatile light system, wiper system speedy and air dam intakes with a black front.
  • An anti-theft alarm system, textured leather interior trim, automatic climate control, temperature screen, warning alert system, digital oil level measurement and a lot more that can be found in the car’s interior.
  • Aside from the sporty design, spacious interiors and unbelievable performance, if you buy Porsche Panamera, each unit is equipped with the latest high-tech safety features created for the benefit of every client. These features include anti-lock braking system (ABS) which is adopted by most car companies nowadays, automatic brake differential (ABD), anti-slip regulation (ASR), airbags (front, side and curtain),3-point seat-belts, monitoring system of tire pressure and a lot more.

Every time you buy Porsche Panamera, always keep in mind that the company should be one of the most successful companies in the auto industry. When it comes to building cars, Porsche is not afraid to go beyond the usual, without sacrificing the vehicle’s performance, sophisticated design and their trademark as a car builder. Be struck by the car’s impressive looks and performance. Make it the dream car of your choice because there is no other car like Porsche!

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