Four-Wheel Drives And How They Operate

But, all is not as it seems. Even as consumer polls suggest that the public has made a mass migration to EVs, our highways and city streets tell a markedly different story. Battery-powered cars are seldom seen. What’s more, automakers and dealerships report that over 95% of sales are comprised of cars with gas (and sometimes, diesel) engines.

In this article, I’ll explain the obstacles that EVs must overcome in order to dominate our highways. I’ll also describe one sector of the auto industry that will likely remain a permanent fixture of our culture.

The High Price Of Going Electric

Hybrids are priced higher than their gas-powered brethren. Recent polls organized by J.D. Power and Associates suggest that nearly half of motorists would be willing to absorb a higher price if the difference was only a few thousand dollars. Unfortunately, the difference is often much greater.