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Three Main Parts Of Your Car’s Cooling System

By Ruth Thomas / July 5, 2016

Let me clarify the types of vehicles sold at government auctions. The government maintains thousands of auto leases for their employees. When those leases expire, the cars are sold. Keep in mind that the majority of these employees aren’t DEA agents chasing hardened drug runners. Often, they’re IRS agents, contractors, or other “low key” personnel. […]


Several Small Things You Can Do To Clean Up Your Vehicle

By Ruth Thomas / December 4, 2015

Families that are considering larger vehicles often have to choose between a gas-powered engine or a hybrid costing $15,000 more. Further, those people who need extra towing capacity are often confronted with the same dilemma. Car Parts And Maintenance Costs Mechanics report that automobiles with battery-powered engines are more complicated than conventional vehicles. Aside from […]


Safety Measures When You’re Repairing Your Car

By Ruth Thomas / November 5, 2015

Electric vehicles are fuel-efficient and more friendly to the environment. However, it’s unlikely their engines will ever be able to match the raw power and intensity of a muscle car. Automobile enthusiasts take great pride in their performance cars. Their engines may guzzle fuel, but the sound and sensation of their roar are a time-honored […]


The Death Of The Muscle Car?

By Ruth Thomas / November 3, 2015

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how the power is distributed. We’ll explain how the parts which contribute to its operation work together so you’ll have an appreciation for the system. Differentials And Locking Hubs A four-wheel drive has three basic units: the differentials, transfer case, and locking hubs. The differentials are […]


Managing Your Car’s Noise Pollution

By Ruth Thomas / June 4, 2015

It won’t come as a surprise that auto maintenance and service work is typically less expensive in an independent garage than at the dealership. Independent shops have less overhead. They don’t need to pay top salaries to their mechanics. Nor are they under as much corporate pressure to generate sales and revenue. With a loyal […]