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Four-Wheel Drives And How They Operate

By Ruth Thomas / October 5, 2015

But, all is not as it seems. Even as consumer polls suggest that the public has made a mass migration to EVs, our highways and city streets tell a markedly different story. Battery-powered cars are seldom seen. What’s more, automakers and dealerships report that over 95% of sales are comprised of cars with gas (and […]


What To Do When Your Car Needs Repairs

By Ruth Thomas / October 3, 2015

Automakers, desperate to sell their inventories, have begun offering attractive incentives to lure prospective buyers. But, finding an automotive bargain can still prove elusive. Car dealerships can easily confound buyers and secretly hide pockets of profit. For the unwary, a trip to the auto dealer may begin as a bargain-hunting expedition, but end up as […]


Should You Buy A Car At An Auction?

By Ruth Thomas / October 3, 2015

Even though the car-buying landscape has shifted in favor of the buyer, you should still be wary of making a purchase decision too quickly. Remember, set your emotions aside, keep your trade-in negotiation separate, and avoid the extra long financing. By the time you leave the dealership lot, you’ll be confident that you weren’t taken […]


A1GP Taupo 2007 – V8 Cars Part 2

By Ruth Thomas / June 18, 2015

– Keep up with your car repair and maintenance. Small problems can, and more than likely will, lead to bigger problems. If your vehicle is overstressed in any area it will eventually show up at the gas station. –  Keep the appropriate air pressure in your tires. Check your vehicle owner’s manual for the correct […]


Three Main Parts Of Your Car’s Cooling System

By Ruth Thomas / June 5, 2015

Below, I’ll give you a brief overview of the three main parts that make up your vehicle’s cooling system. I’ll explain the job they do and how they help ensure your engine doesn’t overheat. The “secret” behind your cooling system’s effectiveness is the coolant. It circulates throughout the engine and surrounding components, absorbing much of […]


Managing Your Car’s Noise Pollution

By Ruth Thomas / June 4, 2015

It won’t come as a surprise that auto maintenance and service work is typically less expensive in an independent garage than at the dealership. Independent shops have less overhead. They don’t need to pay top salaries to their mechanics. Nor are they under as much corporate pressure to generate sales and revenue. With a loyal […]


Ways to Increase your Car Fuel Economy

By Ruth Thomas / June 28, 2014

You visit the dealership lot and your eyes settle longingly on the gorgeous red automobile gracing the nearby pavement. You must have it, no matter the price. Slow down and take a breath. Buying a vehicle is a substantial investment. Unless you’re paying cash, you’ll be making monthly payments for several years. Will you feel […]

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